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Our Story

The Beginning of A Revolution

Established in March 2021, Founder and CEO Veronica Ching started Recruitopia with the vision to revolutionise the recruitment industry in Malaysia. Recruitopia started off as the nation’s first referral hiring platform, where business owners and hiring managers can find top talents through our app.

Today, we have expanded our services to cover the entire recruitment journey, from awareness to sourcing and hiring talents. The services offered include employer branding, JD writing, job advertisement, EVP evaluation, and even building bespoke career sites that attract the best talent.

We aim to provide solutions where like-minded employers and job seekers can come together. We strive to create a frictionless journey for our community that drives everyone forward through our services.

Mission & Vision

Making Change, One Job At A Time


To build a platform where it’s easy for hiring teams to collaborate, for job seekers to access company information, and to empower everyone to share their knowledge and experience to benefit the next generation workforce.


To disrupt the traditional staffing model, setting a new standard of service, value and innovation for all.

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