16 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Colleagues Would Love

Not sure what to give your coworkers this Christmas? Well, rest assured! Here are 16 Christmas gifts for colleagues that you'll be proud of.

It’s the season of the year again! Office Christmas parties are fun and anticipated by employees. On top of great food and entertainment, everyone has a chance to be a Santa by preparing Christmas gifts for colleagues.

Buying Christmas gifts for your coworkers can be tricky. You want it to be something they’re going to like, meaningful, not too basic and affordable. If you’ve been scratching your head on what to give, here are 16 Christmas gift ideas that your colleagues would love:

1. Handmade, premium peanut butter

premium peanut butter as a Christmas gift for colleagues

One of the growing trends in Malaysia is the rise of handmade, premium peanut butter. These local brands managed to compete with big brands that have been sold globally, winning hearts with their natural, tasty and healthy peanut butter.

Unless your (unlucky) colleague is allergic to peanuts, I’m sure this Christmas gift will fill their heart and tummy with love.

2. Desktop calendar

desktop calendar as a Christmas gift

Yes, you read that right. Desktop calendar is one of the best Christmas gifts for coworkers. 

You may argue, “But Clara, who uses a desktop calendar nowadays?”. Trust me, there are people who still adore desktop calendars, especially those who love travelling (like me). 

Beautiful desktop calendars have many advantages compared to digital calendars. They include public holidays (so you can plan holidays in advance), space to write a note for each day and serve as an obvious reminder for the upcoming public holidays — never again showing up at work during public holidays!

3. Gift card

giving a gift voucher for Christmas

Keep you ang pao for Chinese New Year. Why not opt for gift cards as a Christmas gift instead of blatantly putting cash in the envelope?

There are many gift cards for you to choose from. From grocery, movie subscription, makeup, food to petrol!

4. Travel essentials kit

travel essential kit for colleagues who love to travel

Nobody will ditch their travel essentials kit, even when they’re not travelling in the near future. When choosing a Christmas present for your coworker, make sure your travel kit includes basic items like face cleanser, body soap and shampoo. 

The more items inside, the better. Be careful not to pick one with a strong fragrance as some people may not like it.

5. Filtered water bottle

filtered water bottle as a Christmas gift for colleague

You’re helping your colleague to save money and be an eco-warrior! A filtered water bottle like LifeStraw is a great Christmas gift for coworkers who love adventures. 

Not only can they use it for camping and hiking but also when travelling to countries that don’t provide safe, drinkable tap water. With a filtered water bottle, they have more access to drinking water without having to buy bottled mineral water.

6. Fitness tracker

fitness tracker watch as a Christmas gift

Fitness trackers appeal to a broad audience. Besides gym-goers, people use fitness trackers to see how many steps they’ve walked. They can track their heart rate, sleeping patterns and fitness goals. 

So, if you’re thinking of getting a fitness tracker as a Christmas Gift for your colleagues, you’re on the right track. On top of that, many fitness tracker brands are sold on Christmas, so you can choose one that fits your budget.

7. Mini popcorn maker

giving a mini popcorn as a Christmas gift for colleague

Binge-ing on series or Korean dramas isn’t complete without popcorn. With the upcoming long holiday, your colleague will thank you for saving them time and money by giving them a mini popcorn maker. 

Remember to include the popcorn kernels when you wrap the gift!

8. Pocket umbrella

a pocket umbrella as a Christmas gift

There were days when I wanted to have lunch outside the office, but I didn’t because the sky was getting dark.

It’s also such a hassle to run in the rain so I could be at the office on time. A beautiful pocket umbrella would be a great Christmas gift for coworkers as it’s practical and easy to store. The best part? It fits in the office drawer.

9. Back support pillow

lumbar support pillow for your coworker

Are you feeling generous? A back support pillow, also known as a lumbar support pillow, is memory foam and designed to improve posture.

It is portable and comes with adjustable straps that are attached to the seat. So, your colleague can use it whenever, wherever they want.

10. Paint-by-numbers kit

painting kit as a Christmas gift idea

Help your colleague unleash the inner Picasso in them! Or maybe wrap a paint-by-numbers kit as a Christmas gift for your coworker.

Generally, this kit comes with a numbered canvas attached to a wood frame, brushes and acrylic paints. Your colleague has to colour the canvas according to the number. This gift is an excellent meditative, relaxing escape they need!

11. Premium snack bundle

premium snacks as a Christmas gift for coworker

Think of some premium snacks that you’d enjoy on a lazy, relaxing holiday. It could be a mix of roasted peanuts, butter cookies, caramel popcorn, salty pretzel and sweets. 

Make it a hi-tea by adding a box of premium, aromatic tea bags.

12. Coffee capsules

coffee capsules for a coworker that has a coffee machine

Once you’re (secretly) confirmed that your colleague has a coffee capsule machine, why not give coffee capsules as their Christmas gift? 

Usually, brands will come out with unique flavours for the festive season. But, you can always mix and match. Better yet, get their favourite flavours!

13. Protein shake

protein shake gift for coworkers that tend to skip lunches

You can never go wrong with a protein shake. Although it’s popular among gym-goers, especially muscle builders, a protein shake is an excellent alternative to food. 

It’s a great Christmas gift to colleagues that are always too busy for lunch or dinner.

14. Scented candle

giving scented candles as a Christmas present

Scented candles help your colleague to de-stress and relax, particularly when they’re facing the pressure of deadlines. 

Lavender is great to ease the mind and release stress. Eucalyptus helps to improve focus, while lemon is preferable for those who are fighting depression.

15. Mobile stand

mobile stand as a Christmas gift for colleague

A mobile stand gives your hands a break and keeps your office desk organised. With this gift, your colleague won’t have to worry about misplacing their phone. 

Watching a movie while having lunch on the desk becomes easier thanks to the mobile stand. This office Christmas gift can never go wrong.

16. Cool face mask

designated face masks as a Christmas present

Now that people understand the importance of wearing a face mask to protect others, they’ll definitely need one when not feeling well.

Wrapping up

Preparing Christmas gifts for your colleagues doesn’t have to be a headache. Just think of something that you’ll love, something practical or yummy. You know you won’t pass things to someone else or re-gift because you’ll be using or eating them. And obviously, avoid anything inappropriate!

Merry Christmas and happy new year! Wishing you an amazing, long holiday!

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