5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Implementing Hybrid Work Model

hybrid working
Still considering a hybrid work model for your workforce? Read on to find out why you should let your employees get the best of both worlds!

Guess what the most attractive thing that talents look for from companies now is? Yes, you guessed it right; it’s the hybrid work model. In a hybrid work model, employees have more flexibility to get their work done at the office or remotely.

“Employers must adapt to stay competitive. This time is an opportunity for many employees and often the best talent to reflect and search for new employers. Being a pioneer in meeting these expectations can put firms in the frontline in the war for top talent,” said Simran Kaur, the Country Manager of JobStreet, as quoted from Malaysiakini.

According to JobStreet, managers expected 65% of employees to work from home partially after the pandemic. But, the latest findings found that 89% of employees prefer this hybrid working style. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider implementing a hybrid work model:

1. There are different types of hybrid work models

When it comes to the hybrid work model, there’s no one-size-fits-all for employers. Every firm has its own diverse business models and company needs. If you’re unsure how to adopt this new work model, here are four hybrid work models to choose from:

  • At-will model
  • Split-week model
  • Shift work
  • Week-by-week

This is the most flexible hybrid work model amongst all four.


It enables employees to arrange work that’s best for them on any given day. Should they need a quiet place to work, have discussions with colleagues or meet clients, they can request to come to the office.


Create a list of how many employees would come to the office every day to ensure enough space for social distancing.

This model splits the week between working from home and working onsite.


Some companies use this type of hybrid work model to split up the week between departments. It’s up to the manager’s or company’s decision on how many days employees can work from home or onsite.


It could be two to three days a week working from home or onsite. The split-week model enables managers to stay in touch with their team personally and revives face-to-face interaction between colleagues.

Working on shift is not a popular option amongst workers.


Some may find it difficult to wake up very early in the morning or work late at night. This hybrid work model is commonly practised for customer service roles.


But, if you choose to apply this model, setting up a childcare solution may help (supposing if you have kids).

Lastly, this hybrid work model allows employees to alternate between working from home and onsite on a weekly basis.


It allows large teams to use the office face for meetings, discussions and updates.

2. Increases productivity and creativity

hybrid work model increase creativity

According to a survey by Ernst & Young, 16,000 employees across 16 countries (including Malaysia) agreed that a new mix of onsite and remote work would increase the company’s productivity (67%) and creativity (71%).

Some people may be more productive and inspired when working from homeOthers may believe they concentrate better when working at the office. Thus, business owners need to adapt to a better hybrid work model and change their work practices to improve productivity.

Moreover, respondents also suggested firms to:

  • Use productivity tools (46%)
  • Establish “meeting/email-free” times (46%)
  • Set aside time on the calendar for individual/focused work (45%)
  • Establish clear working hours for work-life balance (45%)
  • Reduce meeting times to 25 to 45 minutes to allow for breaks between meetings (35%)

3. Increases employee satisfaction

A survey conducted by Hibob found that employees who were working full-time during the first COVID-19 lockdown were doing well when practising the split-will model (60%) and the at-will model (54%).

In an unprecedented time like this, HR is responsible for providing a safe working environment and ensuring the well-being of employees. The hybrid work model is a solution that can help employees to be more productive and calm their anxiety.

4. Allows you to hire great talents globally

Before the pandemic, only a few companies chose to hire remote workers. As we start to make peace living with Covid-19, we’ve seen that employees still manage to get the job done even when working from home.

The new, flexible work model allows you to hire great talents to work with, no matter where they are from. With the help of technology, hunting and hiring great candidates has never been easier. Tools that recruiters can use to hunt talents globally are LinkedIn RecruiterEnteloSmartRecruiters and Glassdoor.

Having diverse remote employees from several countries could enhance your image worldwide. Employees would naturally become your brand ambassador once you care for them. They’d post the company on social media and create awareness of your business.

In addition, you could get an insight into their local markets, should you need to expand your business to other countries.

5. Better visibility into employee performance

The overall success of a company depends on its employee performance. Usually, companies who adopt the hybrid work model use shared technology and collaboration platforms such as JiraGoogle Workspace and Office 365.

With these platforms, managers could easily monitor employees’ activities on assigned tasks. They can track which team member gets the work done and how they perform when working remotely or in the office.

Plus, managers can show recognition to high performers by rewarding them. They can also conduct private talks with employees who struggle to maintain their performance.

It’s the best time to understand factors that hinder them from completing their job and how the company can help. 


In short, full-time remote work reduces human interaction. It could lead to loneliness and affect employees’ mental health. Also, it’s not wise for companies to force employees to return to work onsite. The hybrid work model is here to fill the gap, providing a win-win solution to both employers and employees.

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