9 Ideas to Celebrate Labour Day

Couple going on holiday during labour day

If you’re looking for an excuse to relax and pamper yourself, look no further than Labour Day! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Labour Day or International Workers’ Day, it’s celebrated every 1st of May in many countries.

The first Labour Day was held in New York on the 5th of September 1882 where labourers took unpaid leave to enjoy fireworks, picnic, and dance. This event finally happened after they called for shorter workdays and better work conditions.

What about you? Have you decided what to do on Labour Day? If you still can’t figure it out, here are nine ideas to celebrate Labour Day:

1. Eat at one of the best restaurants

First, let’s defined what “best” is. Some people assume that expensive means high quality and delicious food. Sometimes, the price itself doesn’t speak of the taste and overall dining experience.

To make the most of your money, ensure that many visitors acknowledge the place. By “the best”, I mean a Michelin-starred restaurant or a restaurant voted as one of the best by visitors. Some examples are:

  • Mono (Hong Kong)
  • Noma (Copenhagen)
  • The Chow Kit Kitchen (Malaysia)
  • Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen (France)
  • Koral, The Apurva Kempinski Bali (Indonesia)
  • The Old Stamp House Restaurant (United Kingdom)

You can check out some prestigious websites such as Michelin Guide, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, TripAdvisor, and CNN Travel.

2. Take a week off and go on an impromptu trip

Labour Day may only last for one day, but who says you can’t extend it? If you have enough budget, take a week off or a sabbatical to celebrate! Go to the place that you’ve been eyeing or somewhere nearby. 

Switch off your mobile data and rely only on your hotel’s WiFi to immerse yourself at the moment. The best destinations with great weather to visit in May are Machu Picchu, Japan, Nepal, and Greece.

3. Experience glamping

Girl camping during her labour day holiday

I’m sure you often see glamping on social media but have you tried it yourself? Glamping on Labour Day is perfect if you often have a lot of things to do at work.

It’s relaxing, you can enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, walk around the forest, listen to the sound of the wind, and be awakened by the sound of the birds chirping. It might only be for a day, but I’m sure your mood will improve with this experience.

4. Experience Hammam

Are you thinking of going for a full-body spa? Try the Hammam! The Hammam is a Turkish bath. It’s the Middle Eastern version of a steam bath. It’s like a spa but without a standard private room. Don’t worry; you don’t have to go fully naked (but it’s ok if you want). Women can wear bikinis while men can wear shorts. The spa therapist is very well trained and if you’re uncomfortable with any of their services, you could gently let them know.  

I tried Hammam when I was in Turkey. The most exciting part was having a giant bubble placed on top of me before the scrubbing. And oh, laying on a hot stone bed also feels good. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to Turkey or Morocco to experience it. Hammam is available worldwide, including in Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Singapore, London, and Thailand.

5. Rent a bicycle

If you always use public transport or drive to work, explore the city on a bicycle during Labour Day. You could choose a different route to work than your usual one. It could be a change of scenery and then taking  the same path to feel the difference.

Although it’s the same route, you will feel the difference. You’ll be more aware of certain things when you cycle, maybe something you didn’t notice before. Remember to apply sunblock and bring a water bottle!

6. Go shopping

Lady going shopping on her labour day holiday

Yes, go shopping. There will usually be many sales and promotions during Labour Day, from snacks, clothes, bags, shoes, tech goods, to furniture. However, please be mindful when you shop. Set a budget for Labour Day shopping and stick to it. Avoid buying things that you’ll only wear once and check the quality of the items.

Whilst online shopping for clothes, ensure that you can change the size or ask for a refund if it doesn’t fit its description. Only shop from reliable online stores with a good rating from customers.

7. Upgrade your 'Netflix-and-chill' time

Do you always use your laptop to binge on Netflix? This Labour Day, let’s upgrade your Netflix-and-chill time! It’s easy. Do anything you want during the day. After the sunset, when the weather has cooled down, set up an outdoor movie theatre. Prepare a big carpet, pillows, romantic lighting, popcorn and drinks. This idea isn’t only for couples; you can ask your family members or friends to join you as well. Single and live alone? No problem! You can enjoy binging on your favourite series with a different ambience and have the popcorn for yourself.

8. Grant your children one wish

Father spending time with his son during his labour day holiday

I got inspired by the movie “Yes Day“. The main couple went on exciting adventures and lived their lives to the fullest before they got married. But when they had kids, juggling between work and taking care of the house, they often say “no” to their children.  They’ve become the “bad cop” in their children’s eyes!

So now you have one free day during Labour Day. If you have no plans for yourself, why not grant your children’s wish? Grant one wishes and make special memories with them on Labour Day

9. Make other people happy

Besides thinking about what you should get for yourself, you can also make other people happy on Labour Day. For examples:

  • Get a popcorn maker, make popcorn and give it to your neighbours
  • Make ice cream and give it to the security guards and cleaners in your condominium
  • Order lunch for children in the orphanage or the elderly in nursing homes

With these nine ideas, I hope you feel refreshed and energised coming back to work. Happy Labour Day!

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