A better way to hire

Say goodbye to hours of filtering unqualified candidates

Experience the efficiency of a dedicated team of 10 headhunters working on your job opening, presenting you with carefully curated quality candidates and saving you time on filtering.

Lina Chang

"Recruitopia Referral Hub saved us time and money by connecting us with top-quality candidates through their referral network."

Why Recruitopia Referral Hub

Specially designed for hiring managers

1:10 Reach Maximised

10+ headhunters working on each of your job openings, multiplying your reach and finding you the best candidates.

Quality over Quantity

Our recruiting experts handle the initial filtering, submitting only interested and relevant candidates to your job openings.

Collaborative Recruitment Success

Your employees can be invited to Recruitopia Referral Hub and get them involved directly in your company's job openings.

Quality you expect

Ready-to-Hire Candidates

Through collaboration with recruitment experts, we ensure candidates meeting industry standards and your hiring expectations, assisted by our internal team’s initial filtering to present you with the most promising candidates.

How it works

Candidate sourcing and quality-driven referrals

Broadcast Your Job

We share your job opening with our extensive referral network to reach quality candidates.

Receive Candidate Profile

Only receive profiles of candidates genuinely interested in your job opening, ensuring a more focused and relevant candidate pool.

Review and Decide

Access and manage referred candidates in one centralized dashboard, collaborate with your team, and choose the best fits for interviews.

Confirm Your Hire

Once you've found your ideal candidate, simply confirm the hire, agree on the start date, and welcome them onboard!

Ready to experience

Need to see to believe?

Activate your network’s referral potential with Recruitopia Referral Hub and experience firsthand the excitement of efficient and rewarding candidate sourcing. 

Join us and discover the game-changing impact of your connections today!

Risk-free approach

Hire First, Pay Later

With our “hire first, pay later” approach, you can enjoy a risk-free hiring experience that ensures you get the right fit before committing.

Unleash Your Hiring Superpowers with Recruitopia Referral Hub

Recruitopia Referral Hub is your very own hiring superhero! It’s a job portal, recruitment agency, and hiring team in one place. It’s about meaningful connections, streamlining the hiring process, and building a success-driven community.

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