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Discover Recruitopia.

Unlike any other traditional recruiting firm, we help businesses to discover top talents through relationships and referrals.

Why Hiring Employers Choose Recruitopia

Receive Relevant Candidates

Harnessing the power of referrals increases the chance of receiving more relevant job applications.

Choose from the best

We select and submit the best 5 matches from our network resumes submission, you spend lesser time screening applications.

Save up to 60% on hiring costs

A combination of technology and good old-fashioned human touch makes your hiring process cheaper.

Our Recruitopian network is growing.

Discover a talent pool that most firms are unaware of by utilising the personal network of our Recruitopian community. They are always the first to know if any of their contacts are looking for a new position.

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How It Works


Share your jobs

Create unlimited free job openings, specify your pre-selection criteria and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Your jobs go live on the platform

We notify your opening positions to our referral networks, initiate the sourcing, and ensure the candidates’ quality and interest.


Interview-ready candidates

See candidates’ profiles and resumes, who are ready and interested in speaking about your job opening.


Interview and hire

Collaborate with your team to arrange interviews and select the best match.


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

What is Recruitopia?

Recruitopia is a hiring platform helping employers attract and hire candidates with the power of relationships and referrals. Our technology transforms freelance Reruitopians into the most powerful talent network where they source and match candidates to employers’ opening positions. Leveraging the power of the crowd, we can locate the relevant candidates faster, cheaper and more effectively than any other recruiting firm.

What kind of information should I provide in a job posting?

Recruitopia’s job postings are all strictly moderated. Job listings on Recruitopia should include complete details about the company, job requirements, and the ideal candidate.

Can I invite a particular person to view the recruitment information?

Yes, please contact us here for this special request. 

What kind of services does Recruitopia offer?

We offer a shortlist model in which we deliver four excellent, pre-filtered candidates at a fraction of the cost of your average headhunting fees. 

Does Recruitopia also offer Employer Branding services?

Yes, we offer a customised career site, video content and PR appearance to establish your employer branding and stand out from the crowd. Contact us for further questions at

Not Sure where to start?

Tell us your hiring needs and get one free placement!

Not Sure where to start?

Tell us your hiring needs and get one free placement!

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